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My son loves your books (is currently on #3 and we just bought them a month ago – for him it’s a major step). He finished Book #1 that night. He has never read a book in that short of time. The second book he finished right after we got back from vacation. Thanks for all you do and for these amazing stories that have my son loving to read now!

Also by Steven K. Smith

MyBoys3 Press Supports CHAT

Sam and Derek aren’t the only kids that crave adventure. Whether near woods in the country or amidst tall buildings and the busy urban streets of a city, every child needs exciting ways to explore his or her imagination, excel at learning and have fun.

A portion of the proceeds from Summer of the Woods will be donated to the great work of CHAT (Church Hill Activities & Tutoring). CHAT is a non-profit group that works with kids in the Church Hill neighborhood of inner-city Richmond, Virginia.

CHAT started in 2001 when a family from the West End suburbs of Richmond went “all in” to invest in the residents of the Church Hill community – they bought a home and moved into the neighborhood! CHAT’s vision is Opening Homes, Transforming Lives, Rebuilding Communities. They literally open up their homes to provide after-school tutoring, life-skills training, leadership programs, a private academy for at-risk high school students, community events, summer camps and more.

To learn more about CHAT, including opportunities to volunteer or contribute financially, visit their website:


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