Mmm... spacy goodness

Photo by Don Solo

The dark shadow of our pursuer bore down on us faster and faster. No one knew how he could have found us again, but there he was. Our outlook was bleak.

“Go faster, he’s gaining on us!”

I pushed our turbo thrusters forward and we blasted through the intersection, desperate for an escape. Our eyes darted back and forth at oncoming ships, filled with the paranoia that there were others out to get us.  

“Men, I’m afraid we have no choice but to use our secret weapon,” I called back from the captain’s deck.

“Do it!” they shrieked.

“1 – 2 – 3, release the poisonous spit spray!” I ordered. The foamy liquid streamed out against the glass on the rear of our ship. “Engage deflector shield!” Our automated shield wiper activated and darted back and forth, warding off any incoming rocket fire.

“Yea, you blocked it!” yelled the gunnery mate from the rear of the ship. “Release more poisonous spit!”

“Time for evasive maneuvers men, surely they won’t be able to find us if we go under the galactic railroad trestle.” We flew through the tiny opening, convinced that our enemy would be unable to follow. My crew’s eyes were focused on the turn now behind us, hoping that the marauder had at last been lost.

“He’s still there!” they shrieked, as the enemy came barreling into view once again.  “He’s about to release his laser energy beams, hurry!” We had to no choice but to hide, so I readied the ship for evasive maneuvers.

“Hold on!” I shouted and quickly jerked the ship to the left so that we were nestled behind a row of large cargo ships. We collectively held our breath for seconds that seemed like hours as we waited, knowing that all could soon be lost. And then, an enormous chorus of cheers rose out of the ship as we watched our pursuer zoom past, oblivious to our secret location. Only then did we finally know that we were safe.

The green arrow of the traffic light illuminated and I guided our minivan out of the left hand turn lane. Daddy and his two big boys pulled into the Home Depot parking lot, the menacing brown UPS truck safely past. (For now…!)

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