You might be one of my boys if you do any of the following:

  1. Yell when someone looks at you too long from across the dinner table
  2. Can barely contain your excitement before opening the new flavor of toothpaste
  3. Push others out of the way to be the first one down the stairs
  4. Dash through the house to open the door when the doorbell rings
  5. Argue with others about who makes the baby laugh the most
  6. Demand to only wear shirts with stripes
  7. Sprint to the car to have first choice of seats in the minivan
  8. Must have  fruit snacks during your afternoon TV show
  9. Watch an afternoon TV show
  10. Repeat everything your older brother says.  Three times. Loudly
  11. Take 10 minutes to decide which pajamas to wear
  12. Get out of bed three times and change your pajamas
  13. Think playing quietly in Daddy’s office means playing loudly
  14. Know exact number of days until your birthday party
  15. Ask to go to Chuck E Cheese or Kid Junction every time you pull out of the driveway
  16. Think every outfit looks better with a red cape
  17. Face threats over habitually forgetting to flush your poop down the toilet
  18. Spit up on floor and keep smiling like nothing has happened
  19. Think jumping on Daddy’s back doesn’t hurt him
  20. Perfect a tumble roll from standing position with surprising grace
  21. Only want the red gummy vitamins
  22. Wake up in the morning, wait intently for your clock to say 7:00, then bolt down the hall

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