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My wife walked our oldest to the bus stop at the end of the neighbor’s driveway the other day while I was working in my home office. The baby was napping in his crib and I agreed to keep an eye on Josh. He brought some superhero action figures into the room and played on the bed while I finished up a phone call. After a couple minutes, Aaron had woken up and was calling from his crib, so I motioned to Josh to go entertain the baby for a few minutes.

aaron standingMy call finished and I didn’t hear any crying – a good sign – so I quietly stepped down the hall and listened to Josh’s voice.

“And this is Anakin Skywalker – he was a Jedi but turned to the dawk side. He fell into giant lava and tunned into Dawf Vaduh.” Josh was sitting on the floor showing the baby pictures from his Star Wars book through the bars of the crib. “He uses a wed lightsaba. Luke and Pwincess Leah awh his kids but they awh good.”

“Oooooooooo” Aaron squealed with delight, and I smiled from around the corner.

aaron and josh at bus stop2It’s been fun watching the two older boys learn how to relate and help with the baby. Now seven months, he’s not as fragile as he used to be and they’ve learned (usually) what they can and can’t do with him. Josh still has a tendency to try to smother him with hugs, but we’re working on that, and I suppose it’s better than the other extreme. They’ve graduated to “watching” him if we have to quickly run upstairs or leave the room for a few moments. Occasionally arguments break out over who can try to make him laugh or smile, but they’re getting better.

aaron in crib 6 mosAaron is doing everything early, which is exciting but also a bit scary. He started truly crawling around the house a month ago and now regularly sits on his knees and pulls up into a stand against just about anything – the couch, the dishwasher, the cat. Most times when we get him out of the crib, he’s standing up against the railing. All of which creates some extra dangers for falling down, but he’s even learning how to do that somewhat gracefully. And he just LOVES to watch his big brothers. His eyes light up when he sees them running around. He stares at them playing ball in the backyard or basement and is clearly irritated that he can’t take off after them and be part of the fun. I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s going to be walking at 8 or 9 months, which is crazy to think about since his brothers both waited until a healthy 12 months.

I think ahead to a year from now when his will is better matched with his ability to tag along wherever his two idols may go. And then to a couple years later, I can picture it now, decked out in his own Star Wars costume, lightsaber in hand. “Daddddyyyy, they said I can’t pway with them because I’m too widdle…” Not for long my little man, not for long.

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