Airplane Window

I’m writing this on the plane at 30,000 feet, Friday afternoon returning from a week-long business trip to Fort Lauderdale. Four days of a beautiful hotel, 85 degree weather, three pools, right on the ocean. None of which I got to enjoy as I was in meetings all day. Four days is a long time to be away from the family, for me at least. I know some guys have to travel overnight several times a week, and I guess you get used to it, but I decidedly don’t like it. I get tired of the late nights with clients, the long days manning the conference booth, or endless training sessions and team meetings. It’s all part of the job, a good one, but being away often isn’t fun.  

What could be worse is having to stay home and take care of the three boys alone. That’s what falls to my wife. Our family lives 7 and 8 hours away so most times if I have to travel, it’s just her and the boys, and that’s often not fun either. It’s a difficult play all around whether you’re home or abroad.

Ironically, the movie on the plane, which I’m trying to watch while intermittently typing, is Julie and Julia, half of which is about a woman who starts a blog. A bit slow, but does capture a few of the humorous and frustrating aspects of trying to keep writing every week amongst the busyness of life. It also does a good job of showing the response of one’s spouse to the sudden flurry of thoughts that are being sent out onto the web for friends, family and strangers to freely read. A bit annoying in that as the film wraps up, she’s getting interviewed by the NY Times and flooded with reporters who want to talk to her about her blog – don’t see that happening! And of course she blog got turned into a movie – which is what I just watched…if any of you out there are literary agents or newspaper reporters, feel free to give me a call!

Can’t wait to get home, to see my boys and my girl.

[Unfortunately as I post this morning, it is 24 degrees – what happened to my Florida weather!?]

Happy Fatherhood Friday!


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