moon_sunI never know what to expect from our weekends. They tend to be hectic and fleeting. Last night, however, it all seemed to come together and provided one of those memorable evenings that I can think back to when I’m sitting in my hotel room on Sunday night, back in Florida (again) for business.

It started off a bit shaky…

6:05 – Desperately trying to get the kids shoes and jackets on, moving towards the door and into the van to head out to a yet unannounced restaurant

6:10 – Boys secured in the car, baby crying as he’s recently decided that he severely dislikes riding in the dark (curse you end of daylight savings time!)

6:20 – Daddy pulls into the parking lot of a new Mexican restaurant in town that he’s been wanting to try, boys begin griping that this is not where they want to go

6:22 – Mommy waits in car while Daddy walks in to check it out, sees if there is a wait, kids menu, highchair – confirm it’s not a dive bar

Things started to look up…

6:23 – Restaurant looks cool. Daddy contemplates not going back out to the car and just hitting the bar

6:25 – Give thumbs up to the van and we begin herding everyone towards the establishment. (If you’re local, check it out: Sol Mexican Cantina. You might see me as I plan to go back – it was really good. If you’d like to watch my kids, I’ll go back often.)

6:30 – Convince boys that the stairs leading from the lobby is not to a play area but only the downstairs Mexican Cantina bar

6:32 – Boys 1 and 2 in their seats – or at least their knees are as they lean over the table (sit down!), desperately eating the tasty chips

6:35 – My first sip of a great margarita

6:38 – Take boys one at a time to restroom, causing them each to rave about how “awesome” it is to get to go downstairs and see the secret bar area (it’s the little things…)

This has the makings of a memorable evening…

6:41 – Arrive back at the table just in time to watch server preparing fresh guacamole appetizer, which boys initially accuse of being baby food.

6:50 – Eat a delicious chicken burrito

6:55 – Marvel at how well behaved the boys and the baby are

7:00 – That was a really good margarita (if I wasn’t out with the children…)

7:15 – Arrive back home, boys play nicely in the living room while Daddy quietly plays music on the piano for the first time in months

7:35 – Sit on the couch in the dark with boys – talk to them about nothing and everything

7:45 – Read the boys a good book and put them to bed

8:15 – Cuddle up on the couch with wife and watch a good movieMusic and Lyrics

I’m going to miss these guys while I’m away for a couple days again. Thanks for an amazing night with my four favorite people.

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