deepend3Tonight Mommy made us a fantastic pasta dinner and then headed off to the store, leaving Daddy to handle bed time with the three boys. We managed to get through dinner and we all headed upstairs so I could get the baby ready for bed and feed him a bottle. Just as I was about to put his sleeper on, I remembered that Mommy had said that all the boys needed a bath.

“Alright, bath time for everyone,” I announced.

“What?” they answered incredulously, “Even Aaron?”

“Yep. Even him,” I confirmed. “Everybody’s getting in tonight.”

I think that he understood something fun was about to happen because as I held him in my lap and turned on the water in the tub, Aaron started babbling excitedly and bouncing up and down in my arms. The big boys jumped in and moved to the back of the tub as I set the baby into the water.

“He’s not going to wear his diaper?”

“He’s not going to poop is he?”

Once I calmed all of those fears, I worked to keep the baby from jumping up and down as he cackled with delight. Josh was sure to lord it over Matthew when I asked him to hold Aaron up as I soaped the baby up with a washcloth. “Look at me Matthew. Daddy asked me to hold Aaron, not you.” It never ends.

The little guy was a trooper and didn’t mind a bit having Daddy wash him for the first time. He splashed at the water and grabbed the toys as they floated by him. He loved to turn and look up with his brothers, wide-eyed and marveling at their every move. He had a little smirk on his face that showed how proud he was of himself for finally getting to be one of the big kids. Even when I dumped water over his head to rinse him off he just smiled. I wish that I’d taken a picture of the three of them sitting in a row in the tub, but I’m afraid that was a bit too much for this Daddy to handle by himself.

I suppose that it isn’t that great of an accomplishment to say that after 7 months I gave the baby a bath, but it was fun having them all in there together. Of course after I laid Aaron down in his crib and left the room he started screaming as I got the other boys out of the tub – just as Mommy walked into the house. I’m not sure if that was good, since she could help settle him down, or bad because it made it look like Daddy couldn’t handle things. When we’re thrown in the deep end, sometimes all you can do is just keep paddling and do your best.

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