babyattackOur little guy is 8 1/2 months old now and motors around the house like a little freight train. We’ve gated the downstairs doorways, much to the frustration of his older brothers who now have to look for alternate routes to get around. No small or breakable object is safe – on the floor, end tables, basically anything less than 3 feet high. Not only does the child pick things up, but he’s constantly putting everything in his mouth, despite our best efforts of cleaning up and keeping him from harms way. Pieces of plastic seem to be especially appealing.

All of which made me feel very at home when we ran across this two minute clip from a Pixar short film based around the baby, Jack Jack, from The Incredibles movie. I’d seen it before, you probably have too, but it is especially poignant with our own little one crawling around the house right now.

Thankfully, things haven’t gotten quite this bad, but it’s close. Take a look and enjoy.

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