6:30 AM – New Jersey. Hear the baby wake up, hungry and smelly. Try to decide whether to get up and tend to him or nudge wife to do it.

6:30 AM – Bahamas. Sleeping.

7:30 AM – New Jersey. Boys clamor down hallway and stairs to watch their morning show. Head down to make their breakfast.

7:30 AM – Bahamas. Still sleeping.

8:30 AM – New Jersey. Threaten boys that if they don’t get off the heat vent and go upstairs to get dressed they will soon be very unhappy.

8:30 AM – Bahamas. Slowly wake up. Happy.

9:30 AM – New Jersey. At my desk on first of many conference calls and combing through too many emails. one son already off to preschool, oldest downstairs with Mommy. Baby taking morning nap.

9:30 AM – Bahamas. Showering before heading down for complimentary Hilton breakfast.

10:30 AM – New Jersey. More conference calls. Arguing with production staff about details of posting a patient case study on the website.

10:30 AM – Bahamas. Lying in hammock with wife watching the cruise ships drift by past the beach. Catching up on life together. Enjoying the warm breezes through the palm trees.

11:30 AM – New Jersey. Calculating how many more units are needed this quarter to get close to making up for last quarter’s unmet sales goal. Baby crying in next room.

11:30 AM – Bahamas. Boarding catamaran for scenic sail and snorkeling trip off coral reef.

12:30 PM – New Jersey. Moving back next conference call and lunch in order to save updated sales estimates on server before deadline for senior management review meeting. Try to reach printer paper without pulling headset out of phone.

12:30 PM – Bahamas. Holding hands with wife in green-blue ocean as our flippers glide us above teems of blue and yellow and silver fish. Try to touch them as they shuttle by.

1:30 PM – New Jersey. Missing lunch after getting tied up with one of my sales reps whose client is trying to stretch their budget to stay on rate card and wants a discount. Again.

1:30 PM – Bahamas. Stretch legs at the bow of catamaran sailing over the clear waters. Wind blowing through my hair in the warm sun. Take a sip of my rum punch. Again.

2:30 PM – New Jersey. Caught up in emails, forgot to eat lunch, finally escape to the kitchen to quickly down a sandwich before next call.

2:30 PM – Bahamas. Reclined in chaise poolside. Caught up in exciting paperback, forget to turn chair fully toward the sun for best possible exposure.

3:30 PM – New Jersey. Bundle up to get oldest off the bus so Mommy doesn’t have to bring the baby. Nearly slip on the ice in the driveway.

3:30 PM – Bahamas. Asleep by the pool. Nearly drop my book into my drink.

4:30 PM – New Jersey. Starting final conference call of the day. Close my eyes, wondering what this call has to do with me.

4:30 PM – Bahamas. Final lap across the pool. Close my eyes across from wife as we hang onto a float and make each other laugh.

5:30 PM – New Jersey. Boys ambush my office demanding that I come downstairs to play with them.

5:30 PM – Bahamas. Relaxing in hotel room with Mommy.

6:30 PM – New Jersey. Keeping boys in line at dinner table. Grab baby to keep him from wriggling out of his high chair.

6:30 PM – Bahamas. Walking to dinner in the warm air. Holding hands with Mommy.

7:30 PM – New Jersey. Cleaning up room with the boys before we read a book and get into bed.

7:30 PM – Bahamas. Cleaning up my plate of Conch Fritters.

8:30 PM – New Jersey. Lie back on couch to watch a show after finally getting the boys to be quiet and asleep.

8:30 PM – Bahamas. Lie back on bed in hotel to watch a movie with Mommy.

Bahamas is Better.

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