If there was a place we could run and hide

Way up in the trees where it was safe and dry

I’d gather up my boys and there we all would stay

Living out our lives in a state of constant play

Time would stand still as we bounced out on the limbs

Our own secret world with a leaf covered gym

Never would we fall and never would we cry

Held within the branches all the way up high

The sky up above would be our only blue

The heavens filled with laughter in everything we’d do

I’d sleep in their beds and wrap them in my arms

Shield them from the rain and drive away all harm

Each and every night, as the breeze our tree would sway

We’d dream away the hours with the games that filled our day

But as I tuck them in tonight, their eyes already closed

They’ll not always be safe as these simple rhymes suppose

Grey clouds will build, they’ll make their own mistakes

They’ll have to chart their own path whatever form that takes

But as the years slide by and three men they soon become

I pray tonight that we’ll stay together, a father with his sons

Goodnight my boys. Daddy loves you.

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