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My oldest boy turned seven this week, and in lieu of a full blown birthday party (chalk one up in the victory column for Daddy with that one), we let him take a few friends to the movies and have a sleepover.

Of course, I had a last minute client meeting to attend in my New York City office the day of the sleepover, but it was scheduled to end by 2:30, and I drove into Manhattan with the hopes of shooting out the Lincoln Tunnel before the traffic got crazy. Foolish Daddy. Meeting ran long and took me two hours to get home instead of one. (side note – Best billboard of the week – Secaucus park n ride lot – “Lincoln – Great President, Lousy Tunnel” – very true) 

All of which meant that Daddy rolled in 40 minutes after the friends arrived and just in time to wolf down a couple slices of pizza, change clothes and help Mommy corral four first graders and a kindergartener into the minivan. In the dark. Only to discover that three car seats won’t fit across the back row of the van so the birthday boy’s younger kindergarten brother has to go in other car with Mommy and baby. You can imagine how well that went.

This was my first experience driving with my now 7 year old and three of his hyper friends to the movies. No lack of energy as they rode along in the dark and out of my reach and full attention. But at least I learned a couple new songs along the way:

“Joh-nny has a boo-ger and it tastes like su-gar!”

Who says they aren’t making kids smarter these days? Must have missed that one when I was seven. The best part is that they point to each other with each word to see who is “it”. I should try that in my next staff meeting. Whatever happened to “Catch a Tiger by the toe…?”

This was alternated by alternating proclamations that “Hey – You’re pregnant – hahahaha!” My wife said that when they all went on their class field trip a couple weeks ago to a farm, they all put pumpkins under their shirts on the hayride.  I suppose that is normal since their first grade teacher is about to have a baby.

Somehow watching Megamind didn’t do a whole lot to settle them down. Maybe it was the candy we gave them each as they sat in their seats. (at least they sat in them part of the time)  We also took the leap and brought our youngest, 19 mos., to the theater and held our breath. We actually had the entire theater to ourselves, probably a good thing, as the little guy made a few dashes up and down the aisles whenever he got board.

We made it back home, sent them out into night to play with glow in the dark Nerf guns in the backyard. Then brought them back in to feed them cupcakes and more sugar.

I’m not sure why they were still awake at 10:00….

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