Flying Saucer seen over Fishponds

The other morning, my kindergartener and I were in the kitchen making breakfast and the coffee maker beeped.

 “What was that sound Daddy?”

 “Oh no!” I answered in a panic.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, eyes wide.

“I knew this day was coming, but hoped it wasn’t so soon! Run!”

“Why?” he yelled, smiling.

“It’s the alien attack early warning system!” I shouted. “Quick, run for your life! Get to the windows, scan the skies for the ships, they’re coming!”

“Oh no!” he cried.

“Only those wearing black shirts will be spared from their death rays.” I explained. “Everyone else will be turned into pumpkins.”

(I don’t know, I’d just gotten back from a run so my mind was already humming. We all have our moments…)

 He looked around and down at his clothes. “Cool! I have a black shirt….” And then, “Uh oh, Daddy, look…”

We both glanced over at the breakfast table and noticed at the same time the horrible truth.

“Too bad for Mommy!” he shouted, and we headed for our escape down the stairs to the basement.

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