As cold weather approaches (actually it’s here, what am I talking about), I’m thinking a lot about the strange ways that my boys deal with being warm, staying warm and dressing warm. A bit of a random topic I know, but as is often the case, it helps illustrate some of the funny oddities in our house.

My first grader likes to stay warm. When he gets up in the morning in the winter, one of his favorite things to do is plop down on the heat grate in our hallway and bask in the warm air blowing over him. This moment of peace is often fleeting, however, (like most things in our house it seems), since any area of interest for one child inevitably attracts the attention of the other boys in the house. Like bees drawn to honey, there is soon a rowdy swarm of pushing and arguing to sit on the grate.

My oldest also often insists on wearing short sleeves and shorts pajamas to bed, despite the cold nights. Normally we’d object, but he combines this practice with an insistance on sleeping under an old queen size down duvet that he pulled out of the closet to keep himself toasty warm all night. It’s so big for his top bunk that he’s usually buried under several layers of it and is sweating when I check on him before I go to bed.

My kindergartener, on the other hand, is much more warm blooded and balances between two odd extremes. In most months of the year, he lies bare-chested and in shorts under barely any covers. As it’s grown colder, however, he’s recently taken up the practice of mixing the strangest variety of pajama tops and bottoms that you can imagine, usually consisting of multi-patterned long pants and long sleeves, followed by a second pajama set of short sleeves and pants over top of the first. Don’t ask me why.

Meanwhile, our little guy, now nearly 20 months, gets bundled up in 2 sleepers so that he stays warm in his crib without any real blankets. I’m already missing the warm weather and the long days. It is dark so soon and so cold in the mornings. But I suppose we’ll all bundle up and hold out until Spring.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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