I was thinking the other day about how many things that my boys just assume have always been around. A lot of technology, some current events. In fact, there are quite a few on this list that are now common for my 20-month old that didn’t even exist for his older brothers. Amazing.

  1. Streaming Netflix movies
  2. Flat panel TVs
  3. Lower Manhattan without the World Trade Center
  4. Wii motion controllers
  5. Taking pictures on a phone
  6. A president who’s not white
  7. Touch screens
  8. Shows always ready to watch on TIVO
  9. 6 Star Wars episodes
  10. DVD screens in the car
  11. IOC (Intruder On Campus) drills in first grade
  12. Cameras without film
  13. Daddy working from home (for an Internet company)
  14. Not waiting at toll booths
  15. Video skyping with grandparents

What else comes to your mind? Leave a comment!

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