Last year, I started making a list of crazy things I found my boys doing around our house. You can read that post here. The list keeps growing – here are some more from these days…

You might be one of my boys if you…

  1. Always want the things that your younger brother is playing with
  2. Always want the things that your older brother is playing with
  3. Keep the family from having bread at the table because you refuse to eat anything else in the process
  4. Run around the house proclaiming, “No more poop!”
  5. Insist on carrying a lightsaber at all times
  6. Still cry when Mommy leaves the room for more than 2 minutes
  7. Insist that the wireless headphones for the DVD player in the minivan don’t work even when they do
  8. Have to have an action figure in both hands as you toddle around the house
  9. Think wearing one of Daddy’s ties everywhere you go is suddenly fun
  10. Think coffee tables were made for climbing on
  11. Think coffee tables were made for leaping off
  12. Believe trees in the yard are meant to be smacked by baseball bats
  13. Complain about having to play with your younger brother except when you’re enjoying playing with him
  14. Obsess about finding “Ginger” the escaped gingerbread cookie/person from your kindergarten class every waking moment of the day.
  15. Have more costumes to choose from than clothes
  16. Think that Wii is an activity that should be played 24/7
  17. Consider throwing food on the floor more fun than putting it in your mouth
  18. Loudly prostest in bed that you’re not tired just before you fall asleep
  19. Have an uncanny knack for scattering the contents of a room across its floor within seconds of entering it
  20. Think that “Rock, Paper, Scissors” can resolve any problem 

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