We’ve discovered the most amazing thing in our new house. The hand towels in the bathroom have a strange magnetic pull to the floor. Every time our boys wash their hands in the bathroom, the towel is inevitably wadded on the floor. Sometimes it is soaking wet, sometimes dry, but always on the floor. It doesn’t seem to make a difference that we’ve reminded them repeatedly to hang the towel up – back on the floor it goes.

The not so distant relative to the towel on the floor is the unflushed toilet. Which is cousin to the still running faucet. All of which are followed by my favorite –  the vehement denial. Complicating things further, the toilet handle in our new house’s powder room is very hard to push down, so even occassional best intentions are stymied.

Of course there are a few times that the towel doesn’t land on the floor, the toilet isn’t unflushed, and the bathroom sink isn’t left running. Unfortunately, that usually simply means that somewhere in our house sits a boy that’s dirty, smelly or often both.

Fun times.

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