As the weather warms up but is still a bit cool at night, it has me thinking about camping in the great outdoors. Looking forward to making a few trips with the boys this summer (if the dreaded Richmond heat that my neighbors keep telling me about don’t kills us first), and it reminded me of the very first post that got MyBoys3 started many moons ago now – scribbled down on my phone in the early morning hours in our tent when everything started falling apart. Always fun to look back. Here’s hoping this year’s trips are more pleasant! Enjoy.













Aug 20, 2009p_640_480_CA416268-702E-4194-849C-285C9F92649E.jpeg
7:10pm reach High Point State Park, Sussex, NJ
7:11 saw porcupine walking down the road
7:15 arrive at campsite no. 15
7:16 immediately swarmed by Mosquitoes, run for cover of van and bug spray
7:18 survey campsite – realize it is 50% gravel, 50% submerged
7:20 Daddy begins assembling tent
7:25 Josh drops hat in lake
8:00 tent up
8:01 put supplies in tent
8:20 walk w flashlights down road to bathrooms
8:30 look at stars and eat oreos
8:45 realize we forgot josh’s special bag he packed with his books and favorite superman pajamas
9:00 call mommy to say goodnight
9:15 Josh cries missing mommy
9:20 daddy calms by showing virtual glow stick on iPhone and watching 5min Aladdin clip on YouTube
9:30 daddy tells stories
10:00 Matthew asleep
10:01 daddy assures Josh he’ll stay in tent all night
10:02 Josh asleep
10:05 daddy checks scores, email and weather on iPhone
11:00 daddy falls asleep
1:30am Matthew wets sleeping bag…daddy has to go to van for towels
5:30 Matthew gets up to go potty. Again
5:31 Matthew throws up outside the tent and on campchair
5:40 Matthew seems to have a fever
5:45 cue the rain
6:00 everyone awake
6:05 giant horsefly circling outside tent endlessly
6:10 Matthew asks to call mommy
6:15 Matthew asks to go home
6:30 Matthew falls asleep
7:00 Josh and daddy have breakfast
7:30 call mommy
8:00 pack up van
8:30 heading back home

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