Two years ago today, MyBoys3 was born. Thank you to everyone who has taken a few moments to read my musings. I appreciate all the feedback and hope that the posts have brought a few smiles, one or two insightful moments and perhaps a laugh. It’s certainly proven to be a therapeutic diversion for me at the end of the long day or as a way to cement some of the fun memories in our family.

While most of the posts are in my voice as the Dad and about the boys, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the often unmentioned member of our story – Mommy. You should know that she is the glue that holds our busy clan together.


After more than 100 posts, the days keep rolling by, the boys keep growing bigger, moving faster and talking more. We’ve conquered campsites, lighthouses, Disney World and kindergarten. We’ve battled poopy diapers, alien invaders, interstate highways and even each other. Along the way, we even moved to Virginia.

While some months have proven more documented than others, every day is an adventure. I don’t know how long my blogging journey will last, but I do know that our family’s journey is just getting started. And whether online or offline, there is a lot more to be written.

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