My two oldest boys recently went to morning day camp called That’s Gross Camp, and was part of the Discovery Camp program at Maymont Park in Richmond. With a name like that, I was expecting half the boys in the city to show up. Much to the surprise of my boys, all the counselors were girls. Maybe that added to the grossness for a six and seven year old.

Here are top 10 “gross” facts that the boys came home talking about.

  1. If someone is stuck in the desert and can’t find any water, they can drink their own pee
  2. There are barbeque and cheddar flavored meal worms that you can eat
  3. You can track animals by looking at their scat, which is another name for their poop
  4. People make jelly out of a moose noses
  5. Some people take beans that cats have eaten and pooped out and use them to make coffee
  6. Chocolate covered ants taste more like a chocolate cookies than dead ants
  7. If you look through screech owl poop, called pellets, you can find mice bones and things from their last meal
  8. Rooster combs can be made into soup
  9. A bear can hold its pee for its entire hibernation season.
  10. Vultures poop on their feet to cool them down and vomit when they’re scared

I had to do some convincing to get my six-year-old to help me with this post. After learning that I’d recently been asked to review a baseball bat because I’d written a piece on sports, he feared that someone would send us some pee to drink and review how it tasted or perhaps send some beans that our cat could poop out and we’d eat. I assured him this would not be the case. So in case you were planning any such requests, please resist!

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