The older boys and I were driving in my car yesterday. The “cool” car as they call it, or as their younger brother says, the “silly” car. I think it’s gotten those names because I occasionally take the corners faster than in the minivan and because I can reach my toddler better for tickles.

Yesterday we were making a quick run to Toys R Us to replace a broken remote control car (which Daddy, in an unusually smart move, bought the $5 warranty for since it seemed destined for breakage) and a new bathtub light fixture at Home Depot so that the kids don’t get electrocuted. (You must REALLY like Home Depot, Daddy, the boys said. Why do you say that? I asked. Because you are here ALL the time. Trust me boys, it’s not out of choice…)

On the way home, I plugged my iPhone into the tape deck adapter (another reason why the van is just not cool – go figure, the Audi’s older tape deck allows more high-tech than the van’s CD player for hooking up the iPod), and we cranked up a bunch of U2 songs at top volume. (I learned last week that my first grader wrote on his about me paper that his favorite band was U2 – nice!) We rocked out to Elevation, (B-side favorite) Lady With the Spinning Head, In the Name of Love, and our old favorite, Get on Your Boots. (If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch our music video that we made a couple of years ago in our basement.

Put on Your Boots_0001It’s on MB3 and YouTube – click the picture to the left or the link below to check it out:  (

It’s fun to be able to cut loose with the boys on a Sunday afternoon. It reminded me to tell them about a cool experience I had several years ago in New York. I was working in my midtown Manhattan office in late November 2004 when someone came up the elevator shouting that Bono was down on the street. I didn’t quite believe her, but I decided to check it out and bolted down to the street level.

Much to my surprise, U2 had just passed by our building and was riding down 7th Avenue on the back of a  flatbed, playing their song, All Because of You for the crowd and cameras for the music video to their new album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. I raced down the sidewalk and after four blocks or so I caught up with the procession. I called my wife on my cell phone and panted out the news as I chased alongside the truck with scores of other rabid fans. Unfortunately, it was not yet the days of HD smart phones, so I wasn’t able to document the adventure. But for the 10 blocks that I ran along, it was pretty cool being just feet away from Bono and the band in a once in a lifetime chance of being in the right place at the right time.

I shared all this with the boys in the car and they truly seemed to be impressed. Every once in a while Dad can actually be cool too! It was certainly a memorable time, but then, so was rocking in the car with the boys. Slightly smaller scale, but still fun!

Here’s a link to the video. Alas, I’ve combed the footage but I don’t seem to have made the final cut:

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