Mommy and Daddy went away today

As the boys shuffled off to school

Sunglasses, bright shoes, high black socks

Everyone’s suddenly much too cool


Running, wrestling, strike a pose

They’re in a world apart

Cracking up to inside jokes

Opinions jumping off the chart


They stayed for just about nine years

Walking close and holding little hands

Mommy and Daddy used to make it better

All these changes I don’t quite understand


But today even little brother waved goodbye

As he marched to preschool on his own

His season is changing so much faster

Chasing after what his brothers have shown


Why the desperate need to change?

Was what we had so incomplete?

They’ve leapt into a world of youth

Mommy and Daddy just can’t compete


They’re such big boys we say and smile

But inside we’re a little bit sad

Bravely watching as they slide away

For we’ve become just “Mom and Dad”

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