SportscenterI’ve written previously about the double-edged sword that is SportsCenter in my house. I love, as a dad, to see my boys glued to the screen before breakfast to catch the latest scores and highlights. But at the same time, we have concerns over them watching too many commercials and learning more than they need to about some of the less than desirable back stories of the sports world. (How many NFL players were arrested last week?)

My wife and I decided that things had gone too far when we were eating dinner the other night and the boys essentially acted out and replayed word for word the Gerber Life Insurance commercial that they’d memorized after god only knows how many times of seeing it. (If only their weekly word study school words were so quickly consumed…)

So I’ve come to a new plan, which we hope will be a solution. So far it’s working out well. I’m taping an hour and a half block of SportsCenter each morning on TIVO that’s waiting for the boys when they wake up. This way, they can just watch the highlights they care about and not the long interviews outside of courtrooms for the latest arrest or which player is on the juice. Best of all, they can fast forward through the commercials, which will hopefully save them from all kinds of ills. It may limit some of our dinnertime entertainment, but I think it will be worth it.

And maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to use that amazing retention they have for what they see on television and apply it towards their homework come the fall. But I might be getting carried away!

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