Four years ago tomorrow, I published the first blog post on MyBoys3. I barely knew what a blog was, but up it went for the world (or at least a few friends and family) to see. It was a recap of a recent camping trip gone wrong – filled with monster mosquitoes, bed-wetting and puking. I typed it out on my brand new iPhone from our tent early in the morning. I wouldn’t have remembered it except for a little widget on the sidebar of this site that tracks the number of days until one’s Blogoversary. Definitely a 21st Century word.

As I look back, 140 posts and thousands of visits later, there’ve been quite a few posts about things going wrong…car trips, vacations, and plumbing fiascos. There was the trials of getting the baby to go to sleep and staying in his crib. Honestly, writing about what went wrong is often funnier than writing about what goes right. A bit like how the newspapers have more crime and accident stories than hero and human interest stories. But for every mishap, there have been plenty of great memories that formed the core of these four years. I even had a few quiet moments of reflection along the way. I’ve had months where I’ve posted regularly, and chunks of time when things were quiet. But looking back, it’s so much fun to stumble upon a post from three or four years ago and read about what was going on in our family.

My second post was about my terrifying climb up a lighthouse with the boys in the Outer Banks. It’s interesting timing, since as I write this we are back on a vacation at OBX, although we’re steering clear of the lighthouses this time around. When MB3 began, the boys were almost 6, 4 and 6 months. Now they’re nearly 10, 8 and 4½ . And this year we added a dog, which as we quickly learned is like adding another child.

This trip to the Outer Banks has been especially fun with the Charlie as the beach is very dog-friendly. He loves to go out on an empty stretch away from everyone and race up and down the sand chasing the birds. It’s amazing how he expertly tracks them way out in the water and stops on a dime when they turn. He loves the water and I can’t help thinking as I watch him run that this is what he was made to do.

Last night we took the boys and both sets of grandparents out on a cruise, sailing through the sound on a 52 foot replica schooner. It was peaceful with the  breeze blowing through my hair (although not as much as four years ago…) and, for the most part, the kids enjoyed the ride. As the sun sank below the horizon and the water surged by all around us, I couldn’t help but marvel at the privilege that has been given to me. Surely this is also what I was made to do.

A week of relative down time at the beach has also been a refreshing break from the daily grind of home and my day job. I’ve found some rejuvenating hours to chip away at my second children’s book with a clear mind. The creative outlet of writing both here on MB3, my first book, Summer of the Woods and the next book project (tentatively called The Liberty Mystery – might it be ready by Christmas?…) has been freeing. Hearing comments and stories back from parents and kids is especially rewarding.

life is goodOn a stroll through a local stop here in Duck, NC, Mommy asked the boys at the Life is Good store which of the dozens of t-shirts on the wall they thought best represented Dad. There were bikers, golfers, runners, and many more. I was told that they picked the image of the guy sitting next to a cooler and his dog watching the sunset. I thought for a moment and decided that there are worse things that they could have said. I can live with that. Either way, life is definitely good. It’s been an amazing four years – thank you to my wife and boys. As a reader, thank you for coming along for a part of the ride. I’m looking forward to many more. Happy Birthday MyBoys3.

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