Exif-JPEG-422I’m very excited to share that Summer of the Woods has been chosen to be the 2013-14 WEaver READs book at Bettie Weaver Elementary School in Midlothian, Virginia! The entire school will read a single book together during their 3rd annual school-wide literacy event in January. The past two years have been The Trumpet of the Swan, The Cricket in Times Square, and now Summer of the Woods – wow!

Writing and publishing a children’s book this year has been quite an experience. It’s been gratifying to hear from so many parents and kids who have enjoyed the book. Some have even sent pictures! I’m so excited and humbled to have this awesome door open for my book and can’t wait for all the kids to read and enjoy. (Keeping my older boys from acting too cool about it at school might be a larger problem!) Looking forward to all the fun events and tie-ins. A huge thank you to everyone that made this happen and to all the readers who have supported the book!

To update as well about my second book, it’s in the final stages of editing and should be ready for the holidays once it makes it through copyediting and the cover and illustrations are completed. Here’s my first take at the book description – hoping everyone loves it! If you’d like to pre-order, send me a note or leave a comment to this post and I’ll be sure you’re on the list!

Mystery on Church Hill – Young brothers Sam and Derek have a knack for uncovering mystery and adventure. When they visit Richmond’s St. John’s Church for a reenactment of Patrick Henry’s famous liberty speech, they stumble upon a hidden piece of history. As the boys and their friends dig deeper, they find clues from America’s Founding Fathers and a secret plot to steal a treasure from our nation’s past. Join in the mystery as the search races from the cemeteries of Richmond to the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. 

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