I feel like there’s a recurring theme to my posts lately. Airplanes. The fall is an especially busy time for me with travel for work, and that means time away from home and the family. It’s tough under normal circumstances, but is magnified when I call home to hear that Mommy is sick in bed like I did this week.

Things often seem to  go awry when I’m gone. The flu, the ambulance, emergency rooms, water main breaks – I’m probably leaving out a couple dozen, but you get the picture. Miraculously, I was home last week our little man bashed his head against the wall at some friends’ house, but that was unusual. (My being home, that is, not his bashing something) I was glad to be there to help hold the ice against his lump and clean up the blood pouring down his ear. Somehow we all seem to pull through, but it adds an extra bit of angst to the occurrence.

I had to talk with the boys when I came back home this afternoon about being extra good when Mommy is sick. I don’t know if they  sense the danger or the opportunity of an incapacitated mother, but the youngest seems to have went berserk. It’s never good to hear of a child having to be dragged out of his hiding spot in the sewer drain by the road in order to get to school. I only pray that such mornings of chaos and screaming fits don’t carry over into the school day. I worry sometimes that if our kids behaved half as badly as they do when they are home, the state might come knocking on our door.

The dog, of course, went bonkers as well, but that is so commonplace that it almost goes unnoticed. I’m not sure what happened, we were in such a good place with him for a couple months. Now he seems to delight in heaving his 70+ pound body on us, jumping, pulling, tugging and licking at all the worst possible times. He seems to think that the boys clothes are all pull toys for dragging across the backyard.

But tonight, with Mommy out of commission and asleep in her bed, Daddy ordered up a pizza and sent the boys to bed early. The dog is conked out and I turned on the fireplace to cut through the chill as I write. I fear it may be the calm before the storm. But it’s good to be home, and for now, I’ll take it.

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