Christmas break is only a few days old and I’ve already come to appreciate the line in the song, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, that says “and Mom and Dad can’t wait for school to begin again!” Despite the knowledge that this is a special time of year, I find myself sinking easily into arguing, lack of patience and frustration at the kids, the dog, the house, the wife, the plumbing, you name it. Already overcome with too much TV and video games, we all took a family hike with the dog to the state park this morning, followed by some rounds of Monopoly Empire. (a much more fun version of the classic if you haven’t tried it – much shorter!) It felt good to get outside in the fresh air, to walk amidst the trees and get some exercise. 

A few flakes of snow just fell outside my window. They stopped after a few moments and I don’t imagine that they will return, but it was enough to spur me out of my funk and refocus my heart towards what’s important. Which, by the way, is not the leaping dog with muddy paws or the argumentative child who seems to be building his debating skills with each passing hour. That’s not what Christmas is about. Nor, as my youngest reminded me this week, is it about selling books.

We’ll soon be getting ready to head off to a Christmas Eve service at church tonight, something that is not always easy to wrangle into the holiday plans, but if for no other reason, is important as a practice to help get our hearts turned to the right place. The video below was done by some talented folks and cute kids  in New Zealand. It does a  good job of  reminding  us of the brilliant light that came into our world this night many years ago.

May you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas and be filled with all the joy and wonder of the season!

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