GOBI new coverIt’s launch week for Ghosts of Belle Isle, and all week over at the great book blog site, TalesBetweenthePages.com, there will be reviews and features about The Virginia Mysteries. Monday was a great review of Summer of the Woods, Wednesday will be a review of Mystery on Church Hill, Thursday will be a captivating interview with yours truly, and Friday will be a review of Ghosts of Belle Isle.

Today you can find a guest blog post that I wrote about that fine balance between freedom and safety, both for our kids and also in developing characters for my books. Pretty exciting stuff! A huge thanks to Jessica for being interest in the books and putting it all together. Please be sure to visit her great site and hope you enjoy!

Today is also the official release of Ghosts of Belle Isle, or as I affectionately call it in my notes, GOBI. You can find it in paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon. I’d love for you to get a copy this week to help drive awareness up the charts. If you find the time to write an honest review, that would be so helpful too!

Thanks for everyone’s support and happy reading!

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