The Virginia Mysteries Book #4 is nearing completion!

I’m looking for feedback from kids 8-12 (and their parents) on which title sounds more exciting! The choices are:

1. “A Night at The Jefferson”
2. “Secret of the Staircase”
3. “Mystery at The Jefferson”

If you could leave your vote in the comments section of this blog post, that would be fantastic!

Here’s a draft summary of the new book:

Sam and Derek visit The Jefferson, Richmond’s historic downtown hotel, for a fancy wedding. When things start going missing and Sam is blamed, it’s up to the boys and Caitlin to discover the truth before it’s too late. But they’re not the only ones lurking in the halls. If they’re not careful, the boys might become dinner for the hotel’s most unusual guest.

Thanks for your help! The book will be coming sometime before the holidays. More details to follow!

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