SOTS front cover fileToday is the day, my new book, Secret of the Staircase, is officially available! Thanks to everyone for their support.

You can find it online at Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. It will be available on B& shortly, and locally in Richmond at The Jefferson hotel gift shop, Fountain Bookstore, bbgb books, and hopefully more!

About the book:

Something’s lurking beneath the famous staircase at The Jefferson, Richmond’s historic downtown hotel. Back in 1895, when the hotel opened, real alligators roamed free in the courtyard fountains. That was ages ago … or was it? When young brothers Sam and Derek arrive at The Jefferson for an elegant wedding weekend with their parents, they love exploring the old hotel. But when the wedding rings go missing and Sam is blamed, the boys and their friends must hunt down the truth no matter where it leads. If they’re not careful, they might become dinner for the hotel’s most unusual guests.


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