Shadows at Jamestown

The Virginia Mysteries Book 6

Brother Wars

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Steven K. Smith

Author, Dad, Husband, Coach, Frustrated Napper

My 3rd grader just finished Mystery on Church Hill & loved it! He wants to go see St. John’s Church & head to Williamsburg to sight see there too!  I had planned on donating the books to our school library, but he didn’t want to – his reply was ‘I want to save these for my kids to read!’ Mystery on Church Hill Fan

Where Mr. Smith shines is when he involves us in actual historic events…the places and people and the skullduggery that beleaguered the famous and infamous of the 18th Century grounds the book…the book is a terrific portal to introduce history to young readers in a captivating way. Mystery on Church Hill Fan

But the real surprise was the reaction of my 11 year old stepson…he doesn’t look forward to reading, ever…when I gave him the book, he started reading right in front of me. When I let him know it was time to go, he said, ‘not now, I’m reading!’ Summer of the Woods Fan

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